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Living Jewels

The Natural Design of Beetles

Poul Beckmann
with a foreword by Ruth Kaspin

112 pp., 108 color illus., hardcover.
9.4 x 13.4 in. / 24 x 34 cm.
ISBN 3-7913-2528-0
$ 39.95     24.95    DM 78

Prestel Verlag
Munich - London - New York

Publication Date: October 2001

Living Jewels presents Poul Beckmann's stunning close- up studio photographs of one of the most varied and beautiful species on the planet: the beetle. Page after page of glorious color illustrations show how beetles have evolved a range of astonishing shapes and colors, scarcely to be matched   by any other living creature. The vivid patterns seen in Living Jewels will be a constant source of inspiration to professional designers and of visual wonder to the general reader.

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